The guided tour through the exhibition "When Mammoths Walked through Brno - Zdeněk Burian Gallery" in your mother tongue / Komentovaná prohlídka ve výstavě "Když Brnem táhli mamuti. Galerie Zdeňka Buriana" v angličtině

Pavilon Anthropos, Pisárecká 5, Brno
Úterý 10. 10. 2023 v 16:00 hod.

Take part in the guided tour through the exhibition When Mammoths Walked through Brno - Zdeněk Burian Gallery in your mother tongue.

10 October 2023 at 4 pm in English
Anthropos Pavilion, Pisárecká 5, Brno, entry free


Discover the world of our common ancestors!

Set out for the age of mammoth hunters and enjoy an adventure that we would not have the chance to experience without the brilliant artist Zdeněk Burian!

On the guided tour with the author of the exhibition, you can expect:

  • the attractive work by Zdeněk Burian focused on prehistoric man, his life, the environment in which he lived and the fauna that surrounded him
  • the visit to the worlds of the past and Brno inhabited by mammoths, woolly rhinoceros and sabre-toothed tigers
  • artistic reconstructions of long-gone worlds, in which scientific and artistic potential are interconnected
  • an encounter with 3D hyper-realistic anthropological reconstructions, including the famous shaman from Francouzská Street in Brno and a woman from Dolní Věstonice.

Take the kids with you!

During the tour, they will have a great time in the children's playroom.

Enjoy a pleasant afternoon together in the museum!

Foto: Jan Cága