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Centre for Cultural Anthropology

Pisárecká 5
602 00 Brno
phone: +420 515 910 560

Head of the Centre for Cultural Anthropology:

Mgr. Petr Kostrhun, Ph.D. 
phone: +420 515 910 562

Staff members:

  • doc. Mgr. Zdeňka Nerudová, Ph.D. - documentalist, evolution of Middle/Upper Paleolithic transitional lithic technologies, drawings of stone industry, Editor of ANTHROPOLOGIE - International Journal of the science of Man
    phone: +420 533 435 227, +420 732 648 106, e-mail:
  • Mgr. Eva Vaníčková - researcher and development worker, documentalist, educator
    phone: +420 515 910 564, e-mail:
  • Mgr. Martina Galetová, Ph.D. - researcher and development worker
    phone: +420 515 910 448, e-mail:
  • Mgr. Ivan Koutný - lector
    phone: +420 515 910 563, e-mail:


  • Scientific activities of the Centre for Cultural Anthropology, started in January 2016, follow fully up with exhibition and scientific work of the previous Anthropos Pavilion department and continue in close collaboration with interdisciplinary research of prehistoric populations carried out by the scientific staff of the Anthropos Institute.  The Centre for Cultural Anthropology makes use of its collections of extra-European ethnology and co-operates with other memory and scientific institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad. In the frame of complex international projects it will prepare, in the concerned period, exhibitions focusing on the Neanderthals, the Thracian civilization, the art of Australian Aborigines, etc. Research activities of the staff concentrate on archaeological study of the collection items, 3D anthropological reconstructions of the visual aspect of prehistoric people and predecessors of man (Neanderthals) as well as on research of archival materials concerning the history of Moravian archaeology in European context. Together with the Anthropos Institute, the Centre publishes the scientific magazine Anthropologie. 

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