Archaeology in the Jevišovice region

Archaeological finds show that Jevišovice and surroundings were populated during the whole prehistoric times even if some periods (e. g. the Old Stone Age) left relatively few evidences which could be due to the current state of research.

Main merits in the rescue of archaeological monuments in this region belong to the notary Jaroslav Palliardi and the head teacher František Vildomec. The former focused his archaeological interest, during his stay in Moravské Budějovice, on the surroundings of Jevišovice, especially on the Old Castle. Based to the stratigraphic position of cultural layers he elaborated a chronology of the Eneolithic (Late Stone Age) in Central Europe valid till today. The finds of F. Vildomec from Hluboké Mašůvky (Venus) and Střelice (vase) are also worldwide known.

A favourable location, good climatic and soil conditions were the main prerequisites of a durable settlement of Jevišovice and surroundings from prehistoric times to the present days.