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Museum departments

Update: April 1, 2017

Secretary of the Director General   Director General of the Moravian Museum
Internal auditor
Company lawyer
Human Resources
Security Director

Division of the Vice Director General for Economic Affairs   Accounting department
Investment department
Building administration
  Security department
  Fire safety and work security officer
Division of the Vice Director General for External Affairs  Communication and marketing

Exhibition department
Children's Museum
Division of the Vice Director General for Scientific Issues  Methodological Centre for IT in Museology

Methodical Centre of Museum Pedagogy
Publishing department
Library and documentation
Director of the Historical Museum  Anthropos Institute

Centre for Cultural Anthropology

Department of the History of Biological Sciences

Department of History

Centre for Humanistic Studies

Institute of Archaeology

Centre for Slavonic archaeology
Ethnographic Institute
Department of Numismatics
Director of the Natural History Museum  Department of Mineralogy and Petrography

Department of Geology and Paleontology

Department of Entomology
Department of Zoology
Department of Botany
Director of the Art-historical Museum  Department of the History of Theatre

Department of the History of Music
Department of the History of Literature
Centre for Cultural-political History of the 20th century
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