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Roots v Památníku Leoše Janáčka

Datum a čas: Pátek, 11.10.2019 19:00 Kategorie: Koncert

Fabio Delvò - Roots (2019)



Fabio Delvò - alt saxofon
Dina Kadysheva - violoncello
Radim Hanousek - baryton saxofon
Edgar Mojdl - theremin


All the music of ROOTS is the work of Fabio Delvò, whose inspiration comes from reading a book, entitled Storia.

During the chapters related to prehistory the drawing up of what formally resembles a Suite, hence the name of the project itself and all the titles of the composing tracks (Origins, Neozoic, Taung, Precambrian, etc.).

The project stems from the collaboration of saxophonist Fabio Delvò with trombonist David Seta and is also available in a duo version. It is complete in all its parts and color in the original formation of the trio.

ROOTS was also designed to be represented in broader areas, with the addition of small ensembles, string quartets or even orchestras. In the original draft, some pieces include parts for other instruments such as double bass, baritone sax, alto voice, transverse flute, piano.




Akce se uskuteční za podpory statutárního města Brna.


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