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696 47 Žeravice


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Žeravice is situated 10 km to the east of Kyjov and has 1039 inhabitants. It was first mentioned in 1235, in 1503 the Czech king Vladislaus II promoted Žerovice to a township at the request of lord Tas. Around 1538 Žeravice was one of the main seats of Czech and Moravian Brethren. Synods – consultations of seven Elder took place in the township. At the synod held on April 24, 1616 the than 24 year old Jan Amos Comenius was appointed priest. Today, the memorial and the exhibition of folk art and crafts are to be found on the very place where he was promoted. 

Other interesting monuments in the village: church of St. John´s Beheading from 1722 with the grave of Marie Crestencia of Petrswald, the Baroque St. Barbara´s chapel in the cemetery, the mansion from 1540 (converted into school in 1947) from which only the gable remains, the plague column with the sculptural group of the Holy family, a stone cross in the cemetery and chapels.