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Vlčice u Trutnova

Vlčice u Trutnova
Vlčice 201
542 41 Vlčice

Phone: +420 499 899 133


The oldest mention on Vlčice dates back to 1336. The castle Břecštejn was erected on the place of the former tower house in 1455. A new castle was built directly in Vlčice in the second half of the 16th century. J. A. Comenius visited the castle library in 1627 when he stayed in Třemešná. He studied there writings that inspired him to the first version of his Didaktika česká describing for the first time the principles of modern pedagogy. From Vlčice J. A. Comenius returned to Třemešná.  In February 1628 he left Bohemia in Černá Voda near Žacléř. Vlčice is proud of the fact that Comenius started to wright his top work there. The cemetery gate at St. Adalbert-Church is accessible to the public and since 1957 it has been bearing a commemorative plaque designed by the Czech sculptor Ladislav Zívr.