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Velké Losiny

Velké Losiny
Rudé armády 321

78815 Velké Losiny


Phone: +420 583 248 422


Velké Losiny is a township north of Šumperk, in a picturesque valley of the river Desná, at the foothills of Jeseníky. It dates back to 1351.

The history of the place is connected to the Žerotín family that owned it from the mid-15th century. Since that period, the most important historical buildings have been erected: the castle, a paper mill manufacture, a spa, a parish church, and other ecclesiastic and profane buildings. The paper manufacture founded in the late 16th century belongs to the oldest ones in Europe and is still in operation. The building houses a paper museum, a gallery, a shop selling handmade paper and the style restaurant Losín. 

Velké Losiny spa belongs to the oldest Moravian spas. The nature provided it with healing thermal springs having wholesome effects on locomotive organs, nervous system and skin diseases.