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Expedition Turkey 1999

In the days 2. 6. – 4. 7. 1999 visited K. Sutorý and S. Kubešová Turkey. They worked in herbarium collections of three Universities in Ankara (Ankara U., Gazi U. a Hacettepe U.) where K. Sutorý revised the material of the genus Cynoglossum. On their work in the field they visited about 45 localities. Collected material of higherplants and mosses will be deposited in the BRNM collection.


Expedition was supported by:

CK Akvila Travel, s.r.o.
Václavkova 2a
770 00 Olomouc
Agfa s.r.o.
Litvínovská 609/3
190 00 Praha
Tovární 157
277 11 Neratovice

Photos from the expedition