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Keyboard instruments


The open-access storage of keyboard instruments is located in the so called Big Hall on the first floor of the west wing where remains of Baroque wall paintings are preserved and that can be viewed during the castle visit. The relatively elongated hall came into being through secondary modifications of several rooms after WWII. The inhabitants of Jevišovice may still remember balls organized there.

Specialists and interested persons can, upon previous appointment, visit there a unique collection of 50 historical keyboard instruments that have been accumulated since 1919. From the oldest keyboard instruments there are portative organs from the late 17th century: from Brno (Ursuline’s), Rokytnice in the Orlické Mountains and from Mostiště. Further, one can see early Baroque, Baroque and classicist portative organs.

On display are various types of hammer pianos as well as a unique claviorganum from 1790.

A short view of the collection is possible during the general visit of the Old Castle.