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Castle chapel of Saint Louis in Jevišovice


The only larger sanctuary in the Czech Republic dedicated to the French national patron Saint Louis. The owner of the domain of French origin, the famous defender of Brno against the Swedes, Jean Louis Raduit de Souches (1608-1682) had it constructed in the 1660s. The building is an early Baroque one-nave chapel situated on an older medieval castle bastion oriented towards North-East. Until the 19th century, the chapel had a turret with a bell and a lordly oratory, after the construction of the large parish church with lordly oratory in 1830 it lost importance and later was secularized. However, the original main altar from 1664 with a large painting of Saint Louis on horseback and the scene of the battle between Crusaders and Saracens at the seaside was preserved. Two lateral altars show quality Baroque sculptures of Saint Rochus and Saint Sebastian, antependia are decorated with stucco motives of the Passion of Christ.  A large iconographicly unique mannerist painting "Circumcision of Christ" is suspended on the chapel wall. Jan Knorr restored it in 2014. A Baroque portative organ made by Jan Výmola in 1754, originally destined to Žďár nad Sázavou, is installed in the wooden organ-loft. The broken bell with Latin dedication of Jean Louis Raduit de Souche (1668) is suspended in the courtyard. A new floor was made in 1985; the chapel facades were retouched in 2009. Civil and church weddings, concerts and lectures have been organized in the chapel.


Possibility of wedding ceremony: civil and church wedding, viewing of the chapel for this purpose by appointment with the castle warden, phone 778 743 952. Contract of renting is to be concluded with the Moravian Museum, see Price list of rents and services of the Moravian Museum.