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Strážnice / City Museum in Strážnice

City Museum in Strážnice
Náměstí Svobody 486
696 62 Strážnice


Phone: +420 518 334 155

J. A. Comenius Memorial has been situated behind St. Mary´s Church, next to Průžek´s mill, since 1992. The visitors can see foundations of the Czech Brethren church, school and hospital. J. A. Comenius was one of the students of this school and found there his lifelong friend Mikuláš Drabík, later a famous visionary predicting the decline of the Hapsburg family. Comenius published his prophecy in the book Lux in tenebris – Light in Darkness.

From the start of 1604 Comenius lived in Strážnice at his aunt´s Zuzana in the today Skalická street. In May 1605, Strážnice and surroundings experienced a devastating invasion of Hungarian insurgents led by the Transylvanian prince Stephen Bocskai. The town suffered considerable damages, it burnt down and many inhabitants died, among them the uncle of Comenius. After the fire in the house of his aunt Comenius left for Nivnice and lived at his tutor´s. A part of the permanent exhibition in the City Museum deals with the school of Czech Brethren and J. A. Comenius.