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Přerov / Comenius Museum in Přerov

Comenius Museum in Přerov
Horní nám. 7
750 11 Přerov

Phone: +420 581 250 531


The Comenius Museum in Přerov is the oldest museum of this kind in the world. Thanks to its systematic acquisition activity it preserves and presents a valuable collection of Comeniana and books of Czech Brethren. Besides its own scientific and research activities, publications and lectures it provides services for researches from all over the world. It carries on the tradition of a narrow co-operation between museums and schools. It provides an initiation programme on Comenius´ life and excursions for university seminars. The museum shows a permanent exhibition on Comenius and a reconstitution of four historical classrooms. In Přerov where Comenius studied and gained his first pedagogical experience, there is his monument, memorial plaque and archaeological site with relicts of the seat of Czech Brethren.