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Pavel Hayek: Mechanical Scores

22. 11. 2013 - 5. 1. 2014


The plastic artist from Brno, Pavel Hayek, belongs to the most distinctive artists of his generation. Since the early 1990s he has been using a specific unmistakable artistic language based on newly conceived structures built mainly from natural materials. The very rationally created pictures use the contrast of the black and white colour and benefit from the author´s experience in experimenting with photogrammes. Large format canvas show structures made of celandine, philodendron and maple leaves, maple achenes as well as bananas, pepper, pears, garlic or horseradish. They often build diptychs consisting of a negative and a positive. Since 2000 tree crowns and landscape fragments appear in those structures.  In the cycle of twelve pictures entitled Mechanical scores the author uses for the very first time the system of punched tapes recording a music composition and activating various automatic music instruments. Hayek enlarged those tapes, made their artistic correction consisting in the choice which points punched in the pattern will be black in the picture and which only bordered. In this way the otherwise very rational procedure becomes artistic and unique and creates an unmistakable ambiance.