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Comenius Museum en Mausoleum

Kloosterstraat 33, Naarden

phone +31 356 943 045 

Gemeente Naarden

Raadhuisstraat 2, Naarden

Tel. +31 035 695 781 1 

The city of Naarden with 17 000 inhabitants is not far away from Amsterdam, in the province North Holland (Kingdom of the Netherlands), and is the place of the eternal rest of Jan Amos Comenius. The historical city centre lies in the picturesque compound of the former star-shaped fortress. The grave Comenius´ in the former monastic chapel, later an evangelical church, is arranged with reverence and accessible through the Comenius Museum situated next-door.  The decoration of the chapel comes from the 1930s and is a work of eminent Czech plastic artists.  The museum reminds of Comenius´ importance in a permanent exhibition including besides others things an interactive computer programme providing a lot of information on this famous personality. The visitors can also watch a movie on Jan Amos Comenius.  In other exhibition halls there are temporary exhibitions connected to Comenius´ personality and work. The museum shop offers Czech, Dutch and English comeniological publications. A memorial with the statue of Comenius made by Vincenc Makovský is to be found next to the main church of Naarden.