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Monogrammist T.D

11. 3. - 17. 4. 2016


Monogrammist T.D (1947) belongs to eminent Slovak contemporary plastic artists. Since his studies he has tended to conceptual expression through many art techniques – painting, drawing, graphics, objects, installations, performances, author´s books, land art, etc. He is the author of many publications such as Urob si masku (Make your mask) or Noha k nohe (Leg to leg). His basic way of expression is metaphor in visual context. He uses this principle not only in an incredible range of art works but also in thinking in general: „I am not an author, I am a metaphor.“ This led to an official act: in 1997 Dezider Tóth had his name changed to Monogrammist T.D

The exhibition in Leoš Janáček Memorial consists of three parts. The text wall Ž.ALTÁŘ (Psalter of Židenice, Brno borough the author has recently moved to) built of more than hundred tablets with appropriated texts that the author ritually cuts out every day, describes, catalogues and files; finally he puts them on the wall in new contexts. The second part is a kind of time/clock object and the third is a lecture entitled “Kapsa hoří” (Burning pocket) on how L. Janáček and M. Duchamp understood the spirit of their time.