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Mammoth celebrates 90th birthday

Anthropos Pavilion, Pisárecká 5, Brno
1 May 2018

In May, one of the symbols of Brno, the mammoth model in life size, will celebrate its 90th birthday.  Visitors could see it for the first time at the Exhibition of Contemporary Culture held at Brno Fairground in 1928 where it was displayed in the pavilion Man and Mankind dealing with world famous discoveries from the Old Stone Age in Moravia. The production of the model was financed by T. & A. Baťa Company Zlín. Since 1962 the mammoth has been on permanent display in the Anthropos Pavilion in Pisárky.


2-6 p.m.

  • Lifting original mammoth bones
  • Programme for children in the exhibition Welcome to the Neanderthals, kindling a fire, mammoth hunt, art workshops, prehistoric paintings
  • Display of mammoth molars and tusk fragments with comments on teeth growth, determination of the animal´s age. Demonstration of the restorer´s work.
  • Trip inside the mammoth - we suppose that young artists and museum staff left a message for next generations inside the mammoth in the early 1960s - a camera will penetrate inside the mammoth and unveil its interior for the first time. The public will thus see what the mammoth looks like inside. Possibility of placing messages and wishes inside the mammoth as a message for future generations.
  • Playing shamanistic drums in Anthropos
  • 1 May kiss under the mammoth trunk and taking pictures there

6-10 p.m.

  • Performance of the Dance group Baláž – Action Homo – expression dance on the theme of human evolution
  • Musical performance of the outstanding Czech violoncellist Dorota Barová
  • Performance of Brno rock band Animal Farm
  • Light show with theatre effects at the mammoth