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Komňa 42
687 71

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Since the 16th century, the community of Komňa has been an important place of the domain of the castle Světlov in Bojkovice. It had a privileged position, especially when the post of the bailiff was held by Jan Segeš, the grandfather of J. A. Comenius. 

In the period from the late 16th to the early 17th  centuries the village became famous thanks to  Jan Amos Comenius whose name is connected to it forever. In 1950 a memorial to J. A. Comenius designed by the sculptor Julius Pelikán was erected thanks to donations of local inhabitants and American compatriots. 

In 1992, on the occasion of the 400th birthday of J. A. Comenius, a Comenius Memorial was inaugurated in the former granary from 1774 and the activity of the Association honouring his memory was restored. The memorial houses a permanent exhibition on the history of the village and on the life of J.A. Comenius.