Ivan Kafka / 7 Times

26. 9. – 9. 11. 2014


The Leoš Janáček Memorial prepares regularly exhibitions of eminent Czech plastic artists throughout the generations whose work includes the topic of graphic scores or a more general record of the unrepeatable. Beside group exhibitions within the cycle Second Forms, the Memorial presented exhibitions of individual artists - Dalibor Chatrný, Adriena Šimotová, Inge Kosková, Morgan O´Hara, Pavel Rudolf, Monogramist T.D., Pavel Hayek, Petr Veselý or  Jan Steklík.

The present exhibition shows the work of the eminent Czech artist Ivan Kafka. His parents were important plastic artists: Čestmír Kafka and Olga Čechová. In spite of the fact that he grew up in an environment shaped by so strong personalities, Ivan Kafka succeeded in finding his own unmistakable artistic expression. Since the mid-70s he has been leading projects conceived for various environments (nature, city, interiors of historical buildings, etc.). These fascinating, grandiose projects realized with careful perfection start always from other starting points and deal with different problems.  His installations bring once a deep thought over the inception and extinction of what already disappeared for ever, one other time they are full of irony and humour. Kafka´s artistic world offers a detached view so far away from our experience and sees the given problem in a wide context. That is maybe why Kafka´s work is so appreciated abroad.

The exhibition presents seven projects of Forest carpets for occasional mushroom gatherers that were implemented in 1986-1999. These projects realized in the Royal Forest Enclosure – Stromovka in Prague with several sorts of collected leaves bring an unrepeatable play with space, its delimitation with incredibly strong aesthetic subtext.