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Science and Research

The Moravian Museum is the second-largest and, at the same time, the second-oldest museum in the Czech Republic, with a history that stretches back as far as 1817. From its beginnings, developing the scientific traditions of the Moravian-Silesian Society for the Promotion of Tillage, Natural and Local History [“Hospodářská společnost pro orbu, přírodovědu a vlastivědu”], which had existed since the 18th century, it has always been an important scientific centre, the roots of which run deep within the origins of scientific research in the Czech Lands. The Moravian Museum is thus important not only for its rich collections, but also because it is among the most significant of scientific institutions in the country, with a strong international impact.

The Moravian Museum is a research organisation, concentrating largely on basic research, using both its own collections and what is held in other domestic or foreign institutions. The results of its work in the field of natural and social sciences are published on a regular basis in international journals and monographs, as well as being presented at conferences. The museum staff also show the results of their work to the wider public through permanent and temporary exhibitions, lectures and other forms of educational activities, and they often contribute to university curricula and activities.

The workers in the Moravian Museum are regularly principal investigators and participants in the wide range of scientific research programmes that emerge from the activities of the scientific departments and their own scientific specialities, in accordance with the normal statutes of a research organisation. In parallel to this, the scientific workers of the Moravian Museum regularly take part, with success, in projects under the aegis of the Czech Ministry of Culture and the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, as well as in research programmes realized at an international level.

The Moravian Museum publishes two international scientific journals – Acta Musei Moraviae and Anthropologie. The former appears in six series (Scientiae biologicae, Scientiae geologicae, Scientiae sociales, Folia ethnographica, Folia numismatica and Folia Mendeliana). Both journals are included in the official list of peer-reviewed periodicals published in the Czech Republic [„Seznam neimpaktovaných recenzovaných periodik vydávaných v České republice“]. In addition to these periodicals, every year the Moravian Museum publishes further scientific monographs and miscellanies written and/or edited by internal and external specialists.