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Horní Branná

Horní Branná 
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In the village Horní Branná in the domain of Václav Záruba of Hustiřany, a small group of Czech Brethren gathered in 1627-1628 and prepared its departure to Leszno in Poland. This event was organized under the auspices of the wife of the domain owner, Angelina Zárubová. J. A. Comenius with his family joined them in 1628. Comenius met there the mentally ill girl Kristina Poniatowska whose prophesies concerning the poor prospects of the evangelicals for the change of the situation delivered during her fits were put down by Comenius and used in his writings published in Holland. 

To commemorate J. A. Comenius, a memorial was inaugurated in the castle of Branná in September 1957 and a commemorative bronze plaque designed by the sculptor Karel Pešata from Jablonec nad Nisou was placed on the frontage of the castle.