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Erich Wolfgang Korngold Centre Brno

Smetanova 14
602 00, Brno
phone: + 420 515 910 485
e-mail: hudebni@mzm.cz

Those interested in Korngold´s work can benefit from the unique private archive of the EWK Society that has been offered to the Moravian Museum. Besides the basic literature on the life and work of  E. W. Korngold the archive contains copies of letters, period reviews, studies, papers and photographs. A nearly complete Korngold discography and a large number of music sheets are also part of the archive. The Moravian Museum has complemented the archive with basic musicological lexicons, language dictionaries and a large choice of literature concerning the German-Jewish-Moravian Brno. 


 List of books (33.3 kB, MS Word document)

 List of music sheets (28.7 kB, MS Excel table)

 List of periodicals (23 kB, MS Word document) 

 List of DVD and VHS (26.6 kB, MS Word document)  

 List of CD (92.7 kB, MS Word document) 

Opening hours:

Monday- closed -
Tuesday1 p.m.-4 p.m.
Wednesday9 a.m.-12 a.m.  1 p.m.-3 p.m.
Thursday- closed -
Friday- closed -
Saturday- closed -
Sunday- closed -

The maximum number of researchers in the reading room is 6, it is recommended to book beforehand.

A new ordering system for researchers will be introduced. Since May 2014 collection items of the Department of History of Music will be submitted to researchers only after filling in properly the order form available in the study room or following an explicit request of the researcher sent per post or electronic mail (or phone) to the Department of History of Music / Moravian Museum. The contact address is available on its website. 

The request should contain the name and surname of the researcher, the signature of the collection item, the author and the title of the document as well as the date when the item should be submitted for study. The collection items will be ready on the next opening day of the study room at the earliest. 

If the request sent in electronic or written form does not contain all necessary data or if the formulation of the request is unclear, imprecise or not concrete the request will be considered as informative and only those items will be prepared for study that can be unequivocally identified.

The researcher can be provided with no more than 5 collection items at one time. 15 collection items at the most can be ordered for one study day.

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