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Department of History

Kapucínské náměstí 8,
659 37 Brno
phone: +420 533 435 241 

Head of the department:

PhDr. Jan Břečka
Historian, Czechoslovak home and foreign resistance in 1939-1945, regional town and municipal history in the period of Nazi occupation and after 1945
phone: +420 533 435 240, e-mail:


Staff members:  

  • PhDr. Zdeněk Fišer - history of the Czech lands in 1848-1945
    phone: +420 533 435 241, e-mail:
  • Mgr. Hana Krutílková, Ph.D. historian, regional town and municipal history (1848-1938), gender history / women's history of the 19th - 20th century (parental leave)
    phone: +420 533 435 241, e-mail:
  • Mgr. Dana Vedra - historian and curator, regional town and municipal history in South Moravia (replacement for parental leave)
  • Bc. Sekeráková Martina - documentalist, librarian
    phone: +420 533 435 241, e-mail:


  • Study and documentation of Moravian history from the 16th century to the present
  • The core of the collections consists of iconographic materials and photographs, postcards and graphic art; very valuable is the collection of mostly Czech orders and decorations. A special attention is paid to the collection of militaria, equipment of uniformed troops, police, etc. as well as to the collection of souvenirs and documents connected with WWI and WWII
  • Study and documentation of the history of Czech literature from its beginnings to the present with a special view to the territory of historical Moravia
  • History of letter-print

Fields of research:

  • Research and documentation of the Czechoslovak resistance in the country and abroad in 1914-1920 and 1939-1945, Jan Břečka
  • Moravian historiography, National revival in Moravia, development of villages and small towns in the 19th century, Zdeněk Fišer

Permanent activities:

  • Library 
  • Study of the collections on the spot
  • Others - certificates for the export of weapons and military equipment
  • Pictorial documentation - for publications, TV programmes, etc., on appointment

Specialist societies organised by the department:

  • Brno Club of Military History - World Wars I and II


  • Acta Musei Moraviae, Scientiae Sociales