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Charms of puppets and sculptures / Sculptor Vojtěch Sucharda and his Realm of Puppets

April 18 – October 7, 2012

The exhibition stages the work of an eminent sculptor, carver, restorer and puppet-maker  Vojtěch Sucharda. It partly evokes his sculptor’s work oriented, besides free plastic, mainly on sculptural decoration of architecture and interiors. 

The main part of the exhibition is dedicated to Sucharda’s work for the theatre Realm of Puppets that he founded in Prague in 1920 together with his wife, painter Anna Suchardová-Brichtová and the artistic profile of which he has determined for 36 years. 


Taking photographs is prohibited in the section of sculptural works.

For exceptional permission ask Mgr. Eva Pánková, phone 533 435 273, e-mail:

Photos from the opening